Matsumura Engineering Co., Ltd.

Matsumura Engineering Co., Ltd. applies sensor technology and offers a wide range of security products such as banknote discrimination machines, cigarette and liquor vending machine license age identification devices, personal identification devices, and remote control locks NOAKEL®.


  • ◆ Remote Controlled Door Lock NOAKEL® EXC-7500D

    It is a high security lock that can be operated wirelessly with a remote control or using a telephone line from a remote location. Can be mounted on most doors because no wiring is required. In addition to security, it is also effective for nursing care (prevention of wrinkles, etc.).
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  • ◆ Counterfeit U.S. Dollar Detector

    Counterfeit U.S. Dollar Detector EXC-5700A detects the authenticity of United States currency and its denomination. World-renowned “MATSUMURA” Counterfeit Bill Detector delivers reliable results with utmost accuracy. Reasonably priced, high-performance machine and space saving compact design suitable for business windows.
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