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Creating new value


Our company is a human group that grew in field service experience based on basic technology in the semiconductor industry. The management philosophy is based on the spirit of independence and is obliged to serve by actively responding to customers. For example, we are dealing with customer defects between various customers and manufacturers, embodying customer needs, and customer assistance through collaboration with various manufacturers.

We collectively call these tasks "Third Service". Through this spirit of the third service, we will provide high-quality services and products, and contribute to the development of the company by first considering customer's satisfaction.


Reason for selection

  • Engineers with solid resultsEngineers with solid resultsResearch and design of development plan, measures and support for construction management, support for renewable energy development
  • Certain technology required from the worldCertain technology required from the worldTechnology and achievements cultivated in semiconductor manufacturing to meet the diverse needs of customers
  • Team members gather to solve problemsTeam members gather to solve problemsCherish communication with customers, demonstrate creativity and challenge innovation

Business contents

確かな実績を重ねた技術者たちSemiconductorSale of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and maintenance and preservation of this equipment
Solar powerSolar powerWe are proposing, designing and selling solar power generation system as an authorized distributor.


ProductsProductsWe are introducing products such as semiconductors on this page.
StockStock itemsYou can see stock items from here.


Since our establishment in 1988, we have been involved in the development of social infrastructure through semiconductors for quarter century. I think that continuing involvement deeply and long in the future is a mission imposed on us.

In recent years, infrastructure development has been shifting from "making" to "conservation, revitalization and sharing". We must deeply consider changes in the social structure, such as the declining birthrate and the aging population, frequent disasters, and global warming problems.

We respond to the demands of the new era,

  • Combining customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction
  • Fair and impartial corporate activities
  • Responsibility for social activities

With the above in mind, we are looking at the earth, Asia and Japan tomorrow, nurture the kindness and richness of the hearts of people, aim for the manufacture of safe, safe and comfortable living space, burning passion and strong mission sense We are aiming for companies that continue to challenge boldly without fear of failure with great responsibility.

We will further develop and leap forward "Creating new value" towards the future and contribute to society.

President Susumu Takagi