Technical service

Based on the fundamental technology in the semiconductor industry,
It is a group of engineers who creates a wonderful earth by creating a safe, secure and comfortable society.

Design · Development · Production · Remodeling · Demolition

In order to respond more widely to customer’s needs, we are consistently designing and developing from software to hardware independently.
We also undertake improvements and remodeling operations according to customer’s own specifications.

・From software to hardware, consistent production is possible.
・Hardware parts can be handled in the field, it is possible to correspond to measurement and design.

Business contents

EPI・DRYEtch・PVD・CVD・PL Processing Equipment Rising / Modification / Periodic Inspection Service

■Business tie-up with each device maker
We provide high-level business support by staff trained by equipment manufacturers.

※Regarding work contents, we will arrange meetings separately and respond.

We will respond to any request.

Measuring instrument
Filter line remodeling (design, manufacture, construction)