EBARA Corporation.


EBARA Corporation has grown to become the top manufacturer of industrial machinery after founded as a pump manufacturer in 1912. EBARA has abundant “core technology” such as hard technology, purification, incineration and heat recovery process know-how cultivated over many years We continue to challenge the development of a new environmental conservation system that responds to the demands of the times on a base.

Dry vacuum pump
Screw type dry pump
Magnetically levitated turbo molecular pump (ET)
Cryo turbo pump
Exhaust gas treatment equipment for semiconductors
Nonparticle pump for ultra pure water / chemical liquid
High pressure pure jet pump for wafer cleaning
Chemicals for water treatment


F fixed type exhaust gas treatment equipment

PFC abatement requiring no supply / distribution


Latest dry vacuum pump

Thorough compact, lightweight, achieving the world’s most energy-saving performance in the class, contributing to the reduction of power consumption at semiconductor manufacturing plants.